Expense Tracking For Coparents, Made Simple.

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Simplified Balances

A clear view of what’s been paid and who owes how much.

Total Visibility

A central record of all expenses, payments, and receipts that’s easy to export.

Automated Reminders

Helpful notifications about upcoming payments or outstanding balances.

Stress-free Communication

All expense-related messages in one place, instead of scattered text messages.

Input Expenses

Input expenses on-the-go

Easily add a new expense, suggest an expense split, upload a receipt, and share photos at the click of a button.

Check your balance anytime

Easily review all expenses, who owes who, and when payments have been made.


Access clear spending reports

Keep track of your spending by month, by child, and by category. Every step in the process is recorded and can be easily exported.

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Figuring out all the expense details is really hard to handle. You need a secretary for this job! This app is a huge help!

Whether it’s baseball dues or a new pair of sneakers, I’m the one who pays up front and has to get reimbursed. It’s quite a process, and I’m out of pocket in the meantime so it’s hard for me.

This is great! I’m on my phone all the time, so this helps me enter expenses quickly and not forget any.

It’s never really a financial issue, it’s strictly emotional. So it’s great to have something that takes the emotion out of expenses and sends automated reminders when payments are late, so it's not “the ex nagging."

I don’t have time to track things in a spreadsheet, but all the little expenses add up.

We used to just default to splitting everything evenly, which doesn’t always make sense or doesn’t always happen in practice. Now we can easily change that.


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